A new brand and website for the healthcare inventor

Zus Health

A new brand and website for the healthcare inventor

The situation

Zus is a healthcare technology company that is reimagining how patient data is shared, stored and utilized to make it more usable—ultimately leading to better patient care. Their groundbreaking product was gaining attention; they needed their brand and website to catch up to their momentum.


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Zus wanted their story to be straightforward but powerfully compelling to the developers who could most take advantage of their platform.

Brand strategy

Through extensive research and collaboration with the Zus team, Tank arrived at a core brand insight: Zus gives power to healthcare inventors. We emphasized their “Grid” product—their proprietary way of sharing patient data between healthcare organizations—and their ZAPs, Zus Aggregated Profiles. Together, these products power the revolution in healthcare data sharing.

Zus debuted their brand in a flash. The updated brand and website launched in November 2022, and the booth and accompanying video made their debut at HLTH 2022, a conference for healthcare innovators.

Brand system

To reimagine the Zus logomark and visual identity, we focused on the high-level concept of power, drawing inspiration from the way the Zus platform empowers healthcare inventors to focus purely on improving the patient experience. The entire brand system leverages the power concept and a defined grid pattern, reinforcing and supporting the Zus Grid platform as a key differentiator.

User experience and content strategy

Tank focused on the elements that would support the who, what, why, and how of Zus’s offering: differentiated healthcare, a shared invention platform, and the healthcare inventors themselves. This approach helped steer key decisions in developing the site architecture and copy guidance, and led us to a more focused effort to get the Zus Grid story right.

“Wordpress seemed so basic before—I’m impressed by how Tank was able to configure it to create a very visually interesting site. I like that we now have interesting components that we can use.”
-Nick Luzarraga, Business Development and Strategy Manager

Site production

Our production work incorporated iconography, design assets to illustrate the Zus platform, and sitewide animation to elevate the experience. We gave particular focus to the Zus Grid In Action page, using motion graphics that triggered on scroll to progressively tell the story.