About us

Defining brand experiences for nearly 30 years.

Brand is experience. Experience is brand.

Tank was founded in 1994 by two designers who believed that every compelling brand experience is built on the principles of exceptional design. They envisioned an agency where different skill sets and talents were united by those principles, cross-pollinating in a single habitat—a “tank” of creativity. Today, that tank is over 50 strong across multiple disciplines, making things both physical and digital that forge an emotional connection at the intersection of brand and experience.

What we do

We explore, innovate, test and challenge. We often say “Brand is experience, experience is brand” because our work happens at an inflection point where the message meets the medium.

Brand design

Establishing a foundation, following through with strategy, design and implementation

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Experience design

Creating audience-focused experiences that succeed across platforms and industries

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What we believe

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    We are a haven for creativity.

    We foster a safe, collaborative environment where each one of us can be their authentic selves and make exceptional work.
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    We are not afraid of the unknown.

    Because technology evolves at a breakneck pace, we are always inventing—adapting to new ways of thinking, doing and delivering.
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    We don’t show work we don’t believe in.

    We want our clients to see only our best recommendations. We show work that represents who we are so that we can stand behind it proudly.
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    We are the most exciting part of your day.

    We are energized by our work, and we want everyone working with us to feel that way. We aim to surprise and inspire, but we also want our clients to feel heard and supported.
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    We keep learning

    We’re humbled by the history of our industry and the great minds who continue to drive it forward. We’re always evolving our technique, our approach and our standards.
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    We’re not assholes.

    We respect the varying backgrounds and skill sets that we each bring to get things done. We support each other, and we’re stronger together.

What we’ve accomplished

Over the years, Tank has worked with hundreds of clients to refine their brands and create exceptional experiences. Here is a sampling of what we do and the companies with whom we’ve collaborated.

How we show up

Tank in the community

Through our work and client relationships, we seek out opportunities that emphasize societal progress, and we identify ways to uplift those from marginalized communities and underrepresented backgrounds. Tankers frequently participate in events with:

Around the (virtual) water cooler

Tankers work hard, but we laugh even harder. Switching to a partially remote work week hasn’t hampered our personalities one bit.
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