Wine curation and delivery evolves into a full-bodied brand


Wine curation and delivery evolves into a full-bodied brand

The situation

Wine Access connects people to hidden vineyards around the world. They had a brand that represented their curated approach to wine, but they needed to make the experience of shopping for wine compelling and cohesive across all touch points—including digital. Ultimately, their goals were to grow their brand, drive loyalty among existing customers, and differentiate from competitors.


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Wine Access celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2019.

Brand design and artifacts

Tank enhanced an already robust brand, bringing forth the company’s expertise in wines and tailoring the narrative and experience to their key audience. We extended the story to iconography, packaging, online orders and display ads, creating a comprehensive customer experience that gave off strong notes of the Wine Access brand.

Experience design

Wine Access is essentially an e-commerce company, and Tank redesigned the web experience from the grapes up. From concepting user flows to imagining the email that invites a user to shop online, we designed a detailed experience worthy of an audience who knows its Bordeaux from its Beaujolais.