A spirits brand built 
for love and adventure

Shelter Distilling

A spirits brand built 
for love and adventure

The situation

Born at the heart of Mammoth mountain, Shelter Distilling crafts fine spirits and a variety of other alcoholic beverages. Looking to increase distribution and enter new markets, the brand needed a refreshed look and feel that captured the essence of their local roots and projected it to a national audience. Our rebrand for Shelter focused on what mattered most – the powerful kinetic energy of family, friends and loved ones living life, seeking adventure and getting lost in the joy of it all.


Brand identityBrand positioning

This rebrand captures the spirit of getting lost doing the things you love with the ones you love.

Brand identity

The “mountain-bolt” represents both the literal birthplace of Shelter and the alchemic energy of distillation. Hidden in its negative space is a nod to the natural spring water that is the lifeblood of the mountain and a foundational ingredient in Shelter’s products.

Brand system

The brand system Tank created for shelter captured a bold simplicity that will allow Shelter to stand out in a market crowded with decoration and visual antiquity. The brand consists of bold, clean, grotesque typography combined with a color palette inspired by nature and a photographic point of view capturing a lust for life. The elements combine to allow Shelter to be authentic and unique in its space.

A bold, striking brand disrupting an industry drenched in faux visual antiquity and frills.