A mission to connect environmental causes


A mission to connect environmental causes

The situation

There is a crucial relationship between climate change, wildlife extinction and pandemics. But many conservation groups separate those issues. The Global Wildlife Conservation wants to change that. They came to Tank to rebrand themselves to energize people to act in a way that supports the entire ecosystem. It's a fresh, bold way of approaching wildlife conservation. Now, as Re:wild, they needed a strong, energetic brand to support their mission: helping people rethink the way that saving the rhinos (and gorillas and bottlenose dolphins and more) allows humanity to thrive. Their new visual identity is much bolder and brighter. And we sleep soundly knowing that every graphic and template we made contributes to restoring the biodiversity of our world.


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Brand strategy

Re:wild envisions a world in which thriving wildlife and ecosystems underpin our own wellbeing and prosperity. They are embarking on the “Great Reset.” It’s time to connect the dots among the related crises of climate, extinction and pandemics; to focus on solutions. Protecting and restoring biodiversity needs to be at the heart of every solution.

Visual identity

The challenge we faced was to create a brand one could celebrate and promote as an extension of one’s self. A brand that was capable of linking three fundamentally important parts together –  connecting the dots between biodiversity, human society, and the climate crisis. The answer was hidden in plain sight. The circle is our home, our earth, our family. The letters carved from nature to represent human and animal kind. The colon in the name connect those dots, enabling us to turn the name into our rallying cry: The cry of Reimagining our society. Reimagining the action needed. Reimagining the changes we must make. Reimagine togetherness. Reimagine the technological breakthroughs needed to meet this challenge… Reimagining wild.


Tank was responsible for designing and developing many of the social templates and assets needed to effectively launch the Re:wild brand into market.