A brand built around brand-building


A brand built around brand-building

The situation

When Pixel Media, Docmation and GearsCRM joined forces to become one single all-encompassing Salesforce integrator, they enlisted Tank to develop their name and brand. This new identity would evoke their combination of strengths and their broadened value prop, as well as their internal culture of unity and collaboration.


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Naming and messaging

The name “RafterOne” embodies the company’s strength and the structural integrity they provide, positioning themselves as the critical link between their clients and Salesforce. It also speaks to the role each of its members has in achieving success. The new design system humanizes through vibrant lifestyle imagery and clean, modern graphics— infusing character, resonance and a customer-first ideology into this B2B brand.

The result is a refreshing, youthful and distinctive brand image that evokes the company’s expertise as well as its core values of teamwork, passion, personalized attention and agility.

Visual identity

We worked closely with the RafterOne team to create an identity system that captured their position as the leader in the Salesforce space, a position that strengthens every touchpoint in the customer journey through complete cross-cloud solutions.

Their new word-mark captures a strength and confidence that is pervasive throughout the R1 organization, and their colors capture this energy. The slab serif typography capture the structural integrity of the name, and can be leveraged in fun and exciting graphical ways.

Experience design

The new brand required an updated website to provide a single destination that explained RafterOne’s unified Salesforce services. Tank hosted a virtual workshop to discuss the site architecture and communication goals for individual pages. Armed with that information, we created an information architecture and wireframes that would catapult the new website towards design and launch.

Content strategy and operations

Tank worked with authors on the RafterOne side to develop a content development plan, providing clear guidelines to which R1’s subject matter experts could provide site copy in line with the hierarchy we established with the wireframes. Tank also conducted SEO research to help guide the content authoring process, ensuring the pages we created together were ready to be found via organic search.

Social library

We provided RafterOne with a scalable social asset library, enabling them to rapidly place communications into many of their social touchpoints.