Brand refresh: the definitive guide


Brand refresh: the definitive guide

The situation

O’Reilly Media was redefining itself as a broader resource for learning—well beyond the “animal book” reputation it had earned as a venerable technology publisher. Tank partnered with them to update their brand, and the result was a re-energized look that could extend all the way from the web browser to the conference floor.


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Brand identity

While retaining the most powerful aspects of O’Reilly’s legacy brand, Tank set out to establish a new brand language and graphic system. We explored logo applications as well as a new color palette, typography, and image style, refining our work until we landed on a new brand identity that would evolve the brand’s perception dramatically.

Brand artifacts

With the identity established, we assembled a detailed style guide, taking into account all elements of the brand language. We included extensive examples, detailing the behavior of the brand as it would extend across communication contexts. It all added up to a systematized set of guidelines for O’Reilly to run with on their website, in conference signage, on digital ads, and whatever comes next.