Revolutionary recovery for all athletes


Revolutionary recovery for all athletes

The situation

Normatec technology promotes rapid recovery for elite athletes who train in any sport. The company asked Tank to create a brand awareness campaign that would inform the athletic community about the benefits of compression. Through brand research and creative execution, Tank established Normatec as a leader in the athletic lifestyle industry by accentuating their innovative technology.


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Brand positioning & research

Normatec wanted to establish their presence in the athletic industry. They knew already that their high-grade technology gave them an edge among their competitors but wanted to be better attuned to the training community’s recovery needs. Tank analyzed Normatec’s sales, interviewed customers and identified industry partnerships, discovering creative opportunities that would showcase the brand to high-performing athletes.

Brand identity

From our research insights, we further identified pro athletes as the central demographic that would define Normatec’s brand identity. It became clear that Normatec required a bold brand style that positioned the product as an integral part of an active lifestyle. After identifying this core brand pillar, Tank produced a brand style guide — photography, videography, value proposition language — that reflected the Normatec customer’s relentless ambition.

Creative, campaign development & execution

To emphasize a lifestyle of athletic toughness and intensity, Tank crafted the tag, “Train harder. Recover faster.” to represent Normatec’s new brand story. From the brand identity that we designed, Tank developed digital ads that were placed in triathlon magazines and pro-sports publications. The brand’s new product-driven image, concentrated on athletic performance and recovery, served as a foundation for Tank to redesign the Normatec website.