Reinventing the wheel. For real.


Reinventing the wheel. For real.

The situation

Indigo had been working in stealth since 2010, when it was known as Nucleus Scientific. In 2018, the company was ready to announce that it had perfected a new kind of wheel that would impact the future of transportation. They were also ready for a new brand identity on par with the sophistication of their technology. And, they needed a plan to get the word out about both their accomplishments and their new name. But, the automotive technology industry was crowded enough with forward-thinking, innovative companies. So, Nucleus enlisted Tank to be their ride-or-die.


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Indigo’s emergence from stealth earned coverage on, which reaches over 40 million readers each month.

Brand identity

We worked with Indigo to understand their technology and the significance of their emergence into the market. Then, we landed on their new name, which led us to a logo, color palette, and a direction for photography and illustration.

Brand design

With the identity fundamentals in place, we designed and created business collateral, including templates for business cards, PowerPoint slides, and white papers. We also made videos, graphics and animations that explained and celebrated Indigo’s technology, making it accessible to target audiences in both the media and the automotive industry.

Public relations

Now that we had a brand story and assets to match, we developed strategies for social, press, and in-person events. Our carefully crafted media list, along with expertly coached media training with Indigo staff, led to multiple features and mentions, including Forbes and The Economist.

The Economist

A new type of engine for electric carsThe Economist, July 17, 2019

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