Rebranding a biotech thought leader

Goldfinch Bio

Rebranding a biotech thought leader

The situation

With their sole focus on kidney diseases, Goldfinch Bio aspire to be the world’s leading precision medicine kidney company. Patients often have limited therapeutic options that target the underlying cause of disease. Their solution to address this growing need is applying precision medicine to pioneer the discovery, development and commercialization of kidney disease treatments. Tank created a brand identity that emphasized the warmth and humanity behind the company’s mission, with design and messaging that put the patient at the center and hope at the forefront.


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“Our company is all rallying behind the new corporate messaging, supported by a lot of the early research that the Tank team did.”

– Eric Duhaime, Senior Director NPP, BD, and Strategy, Goldfinch Bio

Brand research

To learn the best path forward for the brand, we went directly to the source: the patient advocates who understand what it’s like to live with chronic kidney disease and some of the scientists hard at work.

User experience design

Our main goal was to add clarity to complicated science. We determined the best way to help prospective investors and people in the industry find the information they need. At the same time, we found a way to build more branding into the site and highlight what Goldfinch Bio does for patients.

Messaging and positioning

The most frustrating part of chronic kidney disease is that it’s largely overlooked in biopharmaceutical research. We wanted to use messaging to give patients a sense that Goldfinch Bio is finally giving their condition the attention it deserves.

The Goldfinch Bio product pipeline is constantly building. The video above is no longer representative of the current phase.