Information security training with global impact


Information security training with global impact

The situation

For decades, the information security (InfoSec) industry has used digital Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions to train its next generation of experts. However, those competitions were too complex to scale and manage without individual on-site hosts. Facebook approached Tank to design a platform that would solve that problem, allowing players to launch CTF sessions on demand—and ultimately creating a scalable InfoSec training system with worldwide impact.


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Experience design

Our UX team kicked off the project by researching the history of CTF competitions, from different game formats and audience needs across the engagement lifecycle. With that information, they were able to shape a flexible platform that could improve the whole experience, from the accessibility of user interfaces to the gameplay itself.

Ranked in the top 4.9% of overall engagement for any open-sourced Facebook project

That success translated into use in internal employee training, competition practice, and skill benchmarking far beyond facebook — from Fortune 500 companies and military reserve units to universities and schools throughout the world.

Branding & design

Since many organizations would use the final open-source platform, it needed a separate visual identity from Facebook’s usual branding. And since it would be used to launch CTF games worldwide, its icons needed to reach across cultural and demographic borders. Our designers took all of this into account, exploring directions that prioritized accessibility and universal relevance.

UI development

As our designers explored directions for the game’s user interface, administrative panel, and portal, simplicity was the key. By improving the flow and organization of content, they empowered players of all experience levels to host and run independent Capture the Flag competitions. Our team also designed the platform’s portal as a gateway to information about possible career paths along with job listings from Facebook’s own InfoSec department.


Ranked in the top 4.9% of overall engagement for
 any open-sourced Facebook project