A wine brand collection gets a glass full of brand awareness

Copper Cane

A wine brand collection gets a glass full of brand awareness

The situation

Copper Cane is a Napa Valley winery with a suite of wines and other provisions under its brand. Their challenge? Tying all of these products together, while giving each one a brand identity as distinct as its flavor profile. The company chose to partner with Tank to create five unique and compelling websites that would elevate the rich history of the people behind this Napa Valley company.


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Since the launch of its websites, Copper Cane has seen an overall lift in brand awareness, helping the company develop relationships with distributors across the country.

Brand identity and design

Each of the Copper Cane brands has a unique story, from the rugged tradition of its Beran Zinfandel growers to the elegant legacy of Belle Glos Pinot Noir. Tank developed a visual identity for each wine so that when it came time to build the websites, each line was recognizable and unique.

Experience design

We set out to understand the best way to bring together a group of websites cohesively, coming up with a structure that we could replicate across each wine brand. Together with design, we ensured that the structure could still allow each site to have distinct but complementary visual identities.


To make sure Copper Cane could easily maintain their suite of sites, our design, user experience and development teams came up with a multisite content management system. It made for a smooth deployment as the company rolled out new websites for their other products.

I have been impressed with Tank’s professionalism from the very beginning… They have all pertinent staff needed to develop these sites in-house, giving them a much quicker and smoother deployment process. Each new website we have deployed has been seamless.
Art Ochoa, IT Director, Copper Cane