Building a house of digital health brands


Building a house of digital health brands

The situation

Buoy has created a successful symptom checker. It uses AI to help people accurately identify what ails them and recommends options for seeking care. The next step in Buoy’s evolution was for them to offer virtual-first care resources themselves, giving patients even more options. Buoy began creating a marketplace with virtual services that filled in gaps, specific to conditions and situations. They began with 3 services— or house brands— as proof of concept: one centered around GI health, one tailored to stress-related symptoms and one that offers home-based care services, including medication delivery. Buoy collaborated with Tank to identify the ideal brand architecture for the parent brand and 3 house brands. We named each house brand and then created visual identities and brand language. The result was a brand system with brands that could each stand on their own while affirming the vision of the parent brand.


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At Tank, we follow a comprehensive naming process to develop impactful and successful brand names. Our approach involves understanding the market, identifying opportunities, analyzing the target audience, considering cultural context, and assessing three key aspects of the name: sound, look, and emotion. We also prioritize ensuring availability for trademarking and domain registration.

Market Understanding: We begin by gaining a deep understanding of the market in which the brand will operate. This includes researching industry trends, competitors, and target audience demographics and psychographics. We explore the market landscape to identify unique opportunities and positioning for the brand.

Audience Analysis: Understanding the target audience is crucial for developing a resonant name. We delve into the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the target audience to ensure the name will effectively connect with their preferences, desires, and values.

Cultural Context: We consider the cultural context in which the brand will exist. This involves examining cultural nuances, beliefs, and symbols that may influence the perception and reception of the brand name. We aim to develop a name that aligns with the cultural context and resonates with the intended audience.



Assessment of name parts

Sound: We assess the auditory qualities of the name. Is it pleasant to the ear? Does it have a pleasing rhythm or melody when pronounced? We consider how the name sounds in different languages or dialects to ensure its appeal across diverse audiences.

Look: The visual appearance of the name is important for brand recognition. We evaluate the name’s visual symmetry, its simplicity in terms of spelling, and brevity for practical use in various brand applications. A visually appealing name enhances memorability and ease of recognition.

Emotion: We consider the emotional impact of the name. Does it evoke positive associations or connections to commonly known entities? How does it make people feel when they encounter it? We strive to develop names that evoke the desired mood and emotions that align with the brand’s intended positioning.

About Mellobelly

This service provides a trusted tele-health resource for addressing any needs related to GI – whether recurring or one-time.

“Mello” implies a calming resource that helps to quell an upset GI system. The internal rhyming and musicality convey an easygoing nature, which reassures patients contending with recurring conditions (‘we’ve got this’) and acute situations (‘it happens’).

About Stressmate

This offering is a trusted clinical resource built for resolving the physical manifestations of stress, like insomnia or teeth grinding.

The name “Stressmate” was chosen to represent a reliable companion, always by your side. It sounds both calming and practical.

About Linen Health

Linen Health provides home-based telehealth services, as well as the fast delivery of medications, supplies and certain treatments. It takes away the hassles of finding doctors, waiting for the next available appointment and driving from doctors’ offices to hospitals to pharmacies. With Linen Health, everything you need comes to you.

This service was branded based on the idea of privacy and discretion, like items kept in a linen closet. The name also demostrates sophistication, like getting out the fine linens for company.