Branding that meets the future of security

Blue Mantis

Branding that meets the future of security

The situation

Blue Mantis is a strategy and service provider focused on emerging technologies, guiding business transformation through next gen digital strategy and digital services. Formerly GreenPages, founded in 1992, Blue Mantis collaborated with Tank to transform themselves, from a brand with roots in the hardware/software IT consulting era, into a brand that is seen as highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving technological and digital landscape. Like its Mantis namesake, Blue Mantis has survived and persevered through a constantly evolving environment with a combination of foresight, agility, wisdom and vast experience. The company brings that same value to its clients, enabling them to adapt and outsmart threats and thrive for many years to come. Along with the name change, Tank collaborated with Blue Mantis to create a new brand identity, brand messaging and a visual brand language, delivered through a new website and applied across all Blue Mantis brand communications.


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Brand research and strategy

In the transformation journey of Blue Mantis, Tank played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s strategic evolution and research endeavors. Leveraging extensive market research and insights, Tank guided Blue Mantis in redefining its brand identity to align with the dynamic digital landscape.

Through meticulous research and analysis, Tank identified emerging trends and opportunities, enabling Blue Mantis to make informed decisions in its strategic pivot. This data-driven approach formed the basis for a refreshed brand narrative, messaging strategy, and visual language. These changes were seamlessly integrated across all communication channels, including a modernized website, presenting Blue Mantis as a forward-thinking leader in digital transformation.

Visual identity

Blue Mantis’s visual identity is a testament to its evolution and commitment to the future. At its core is the M-Icon, a fusion of the letter “M” and the distinctive face of a mantis. This iconic symbol not only pays homage to the company’s namesake but also embodies its adaptability and resilience in the ever-changing security landscape.

The color palette, primarily featuring deep blue and black, exudes trustworthiness and sophistication, reinforcing Blue Mantis’s reliability. Complemented by vibrant orange, it injects a sense of energy and modernity, reflecting the company’s ability to thrive in dynamic tech environments. This harmonious blend of colors ensures a consistent and impactful brand image across all touchpoints.

The M-Icon and color palette, meticulously designed in collaboration with Tank, together define Blue Mantis’s visual identity, encapsulating its transformation and positioning it as a forward-thinking leader in emerging technologies and digital services.