Safe driving
 rides shotgun

Aviva Drive

Safe driving
 rides shotgun

The situation

Aviva provides insurance, savings and investment products to 33 million customers worldwide. They asked Tank to think through creating a premiere mobile experience for their customers. Our research and technology teams worked with them to land on the right solution: a native app to improve driving behavior.


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The Drive application helps Aviva promote one of their core values—caring about their customers’ safety, and that of other drivers.

Experience design

To create a mobile app that would marry driving behavior to a gamified experience, Tank mapped out the entire journey, incorporating not only the nuances of the driving data that the app would collect but also the customer experience, from signing up on Aviva’s website to receiving rewards to brag about on social media.

Interface design

Tank’s design team created a fun and user-friendly aesthetic for the app, making it easy and engaging for drivers to hit the road and track their progress towards rewards and insurance discounts

UX Research

Our research, design and technology teams partnered with Aviva to understand the types of experiences that customers would expect in the near future. By mapping the changing shopping behaviors of Aviva’s personas to emerging technologies (informatics, improved GPS functionality, dashcams, voice) and user experience trends (rewarding behavior), along with considering Aviva’s internal technology roadmap, we collectively decided that launching a native app was the logical next step.


Under the hood, our developers brought the user-friendly design to life in a native app. We connected the data typically collected by a car’s onboard computers to a system that could track a driver’s cornering, accelerating and braking skills, providing drivers and Aviva with an overall score on safe driving.