Revolutionizing healthcare: athenahealth's dynamic rebrand


Revolutionizing healthcare: athenahealth's dynamic rebrand

The situation

athenahealth is connecting care nationwide with cloud-based services and mobile tools for medical groups and health systems. Tank, had the privilege of working with athenahealth Inc., a renowned developer of cloud-based practice management, point-of-care mobile applications, and electronic health record (EHR) systems for small to medium-sized physician practices and hospitals. They approached us with the goal of revamping their brand visual identity and improving their communication strategies. We eagerly took on the challenge to rebrand athenahealth and create compelling communication campaigns to elevate their brand presence and engage their target audience.


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Brand strategy

Collaborating closely with athenahealth’s team, we established a clear brand strategy and positioning. Together, we defined their unique value proposition, brand personality, and key messaging pillars that would resonate with their target audience. The new brand positioning aimed to communicate athenahealth’s commitment to providing innovative, user-friendly healthcare solutions.

Visual identity

We embarked on creating a visually compelling identity system that would authentically reflect athenahealth’s values and enhance their brand presence. One of the key elements was the creation of a new logo that exuded professionalism, trustworthiness, and innovation. The logo redesign featured an updated olive branch symbol, symbolizing growth, peace, and harmony, and representing athenahealth’s commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. The logo was designed with a modern, clean aesthetic that conveyed a sense of technological advancements in healthcare. Additionally, we carefully selected a fresh color palette that exuded professionalism and evoked a sense of trust and innovation. The palette blended calming purples and greens with vibrant accents to create a visually appealing and modern look. We also curated a typography system that balanced legibility with a contemporary aesthetic, ensuring seamless readability across various communication channels.

Communication campaigns

Aligned with athenahealth’s disruptive vision, our team crafted a series of communication campaigns that challenged the norms of the healthcare industry. We strategically developed print and digital advertisements, social media content, website redesign, and email marketing campaigns that emphasized athenahealth’s innovative solutions and their potential to transform healthcare practices. The messaging focused on highlighting the company’s disruptive mindset, urging healthcare professionals to embrace change and revolutionize the way they deliver care.