When a rebrand needs a booster shot


When a rebrand needs a booster shot

The situation

Aetna had recently undergone a rebrand, but the health insurance company still needed to apply it to their website and digital assets. They partnered with Tank to create a gorgeous, comprehensive new design system to sustain the long-term health of the new brand.


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Brand identity

With the print guidelines for the rebrand as our starting point, we evolved the look for a digital setting, ultimately landing on something that was surprisingly organic and editorial.

Design systems

With the styling established, we designed and built individual components and templates. We also authored detailed documentation for the usage, specification requirements, and styling of each piece.

User experience research

Knowing that we wanted a design utility that worked for Aetna’s internal teams as they conducted their daily work with the new design system, we led a workshop to ensure we understood both their pain points to date as well as their ideals for a new tool.

Increase in visits
Increase in logins
Referrals to aetnamedicare.com

Experience design

With our users’ needs in mind, we built a digital design system website that included design philosophy, global styles, and sample pages. We built each component responsively and included layout variations, too. This work informed the redesign of Aetna’s website to align with their new brand.