Rebranding a digital twin market leader.

5x5 Technologies

Rebranding a digital twin market leader.

The situation

5x5 is a fast-growing leader in AI-powered infrastructure analytics. Their technology scans physical structures with drones and generates digital twins that a wide variety of companies can utilize. They provide never-before-possible insight into what’s happening thousands of feet in the air. This allows companies to take action: whether they are maintaining equipment, identifying the need for repairs or generating new revenue streams. It also happens to be one of the few woman-founded, woman-led businesses in this space. 5x5 enlisted Tank to help refresh their brand and solve both challenges: give it an innovate look and feel while making it easily digestible and memorable. To do this, we focused less on the mechanics and more on what it means to customers - an infallible, single source of truth.

Visual identity

We set about crafting a visual identity and design system that could stand out and be memorable to audiences. Names with numbers can be difficult to remember on their own, so including the number in the mark meant that it would be more noticeable and easier to recall. The shape of the number 5 references the drone mapping process. The circular loop of the 5 references the 360 movement of the Drone, while the top arrow shape references drone plotting

Brand Strategy

Our focus for the brand strategy is to highlight their importance as a firm by zoning in on how they reveal the insights about a physical structure. We want prospective clients to feel inspired by what they are doing, not immediately dive into the details. But we wanted to drop hints about their advanced capabilities, for instance, using simple wordplay like “truth. in all dimensions.” to signal that their digital twins are in 3D, not 2D, like some competitors’ were.