Branding a new frontier in workwear

1620 Workwear

Branding a new frontier in workwear

The situation

1620 Workwear offers tradespeople something new: a line of high-quality, locally made apparel worthy of their rigorous and uncompromising jobs. Looking to elevate their brand identity to appeal to their growing demographic of high-earning, specialty tradespeople, 1620 enlisted Tank for a brand book that included an updated logo, design standards, photography guidelines and messaging platform.


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Visual identity

1620’s product is tough, finely crafted and designed to live up to the stresses and rigors of the modern day jobsite. Their customer is hard-working, demanding and discerning. Their visual identity needs to live up to this. Authentic photography, rugged typography and bold iconography represent the brands credibility, quality and craft.

Positioning and Messaging

Distilling the foundational elements of 1620’s positioning and messaging was integral to the brand’s growth and ensured consistency across social channels and other communications. Through a collaborative process, Tank helped craft a unique brand voice that felt premium and aspirational, humble but confident, and, above all, relatable to its core audience.