Back to the drawing board

In a time of disjointed convenience and restricted indulgence, many of us are, in fact, headed back to the drawing board. In several ways, we feel like we’ve exhausted ourselves; exhausted quarantine. We’ve done the pushup challenges, dad’s everywhere have discovered Tik Tok, and online shopping might just be our new favorite hobby. So, what’s next? Where do we go from here?

One of the most enlightening motifs that emerged at the start of the stay-home orders was that we were being transported back to the Victorian era. Poised distancing. Promenades in the park. The attentive trimming of our plants. But as we know from the era’s superb literature – many by fellow secluded women – genius in isolation is ours for the taking.

In one fell swoop, we zoomed out of our own lives and entered the digital ether. Many of us at Tank have embraced this newfound convenience with creativity. Though, as we move forward in our homebound realities, we’ve realized that creativity has shifted.

Brands have been forced to break out new sets of pencils and paper. Together, we must adapt.
As an agency, we’re obsessed with polished work; glossy finishes and tags edited to perfection. It fuels our imagination. It’s one of humanity’s many collective treasures. Yet, in this month’s madness, we find ourselves with less space, quite literally, for exhibition and more room for scrappy ideation.

Back to the rag. Back to fresh ideas. Back to being lost in thought.

It’s time to revisit forgotten thoughts and sprout new perspectives about our city – our world. We’re here to dip our toes in new puddles. Cut our teeth. Because at our core, we find ingenuity in the work itself.

So, go ahead, take time to wonder, to meticulously tinker, and to ruminate. Work that wins is work that dares to investigate. Whatever you’re headed back to, take notes, because where you begin is invaluable.