Actions speak louder

This headline does not lie. It’s a universal truth of sorts – a discourse we see iterated throughout history. In a world where action surfaces truth and gets to the point quickly, we must ask ourselves how to best use our actions to display our emotions.

How can we make an impact? How do we turn our thoughts into actions and how, then, is a collective voice created? These are the questions that make us human.

The typical full phrase is actions speak louder than words but we here at Tank think words speak pretty loud too. Through both our actions and words, stories are told and kindness is communicated. This can be transmitted through social media, through carrier pigeon, or even by acknowledging another individual on the street. Say good morning to your neighbor, they won’t bite.

Our determination also manifests itself in gritty and empowering ways – protests, filibusters, forcing ourselves to get out of bed in the morning. Broken down, our actions are our body language whether that’s throwing your body in revolt or flossing.

Our actions are our visual language, our human ability to understand others and to read a room. They can even translate into our interactions with other species – just take a look at Koko the Gorilla.

Problems arise when we opt to not act or become too critical of ourselves. We spend too much time worrying about what others think. And in a society where actions represent our identities, our emotions, our battles, our concerns, and everything in-between, there’s no time to hold back.

We’re here to encourage it all. Be loud. Be considerate. Be thoughtful. Express yourself whenever you get the chance because the only thing worse than embarrassment is taking no action at all.