Let it be

Welcome to the new year! As we all embark on a new trip around the Sun, most of us ponder what this one will be like? What can we do to effect it, and make it to our liking? And while the earth’s pace of orbit has been holding a precise speed for billions of years, most of us perceive an acceleration of life, or at least the pace of change. Movements that used to define decades, now seem to come and go like we binge watched every season in a week. Personalized, on demand experiences aren’t appreciated as much as they are, well demanded, and almost all businesses, old and emerging, have “disruptive” in their top 5 list of brand attributes.

At Tank, we certainly embrace the spirit of innovation and positive change. We are excited about all the inspiring words that can complete the sentence “let it be ________.” But let’s also linger on the sentence without the qualifier. Before we begin 2020, and perhaps each day, let’s take a moment to just – let it be. To practice an acceptance of what is, without judgement. We believe that from moments of stillness and gratitude for what already is, our next actions will come from a place of appreciation of this moment. The only one we ever really have.

From here, let’s take wise action.

Let it be – 2020