Don’t work with assholes

Agency work is sometimes referred to as “working on the service side,” i.e. for hire, as opposed to the “client side,” or in-house. “Service” is a fitting phrase, since this line of work is well suited for those of us who are eager to please.

We like creating for that razor-thin edge of like and dislike, because the reward is that much greater when we get it right, crafting a message and experience that’s truly impactful. But more than that, we’re energized when we get to share our expertise and show our clients that we get their business — for all its challenges and goals.

During that process, creativity can a fickle and fragile thing. It can be hard to be “on” and come up with something unique, especially when a deadline is looming. Every once in a while, there’s a night in the Tank studio when a team sits in the halo of their desk lamps, having beaten a well-worn path between their desks and the coffee machine, striving to put that final spit and polish on something to make it truly great.

We know those moments are tough, and during those times, there aren’t a lot of raised voices or flipped tables—metaphorical or otherwise. No one needs that, certainly not our fellow team members who are giving it their all at the next keyboard over.

Luckily, we surround ourselves with fellow creatives who rely on skills, confidence and expertise—not egos. Like we said, we’ve chosen this line of work in pursuit of the ultimate goal: a truly satisfied client. Sure, being creative under pressure can be challenging, but with the right group of people (and plenty of snacks), the process is a little less daunting.