Experience design

Connecting brands with customers

We develop experiences that resonate and earn exposure for your brand. We’re platform-agnostic and forward-thinking, creating experiences that form an invaluable connection between your brand and your audience.

Our approach to experience design:

Strategy and vision

Capture today, imagine the future

We immerse ourselves in your organizational goals, finding where your vision meets your audience’s needs. For Aetna’s design teams, that meant creating a design system that would be intuitive across generations.

Customer research

Uncover your opportunity and forge more resonant connections

Through research and testing, we identify where customer needs and brand goals meet, finding the opportunity. For Citizens Bank, we learned what users needed most from their online banking experience.

Experience design

Create compelling experiences

We devise groundbreaking experiences that forge deeper, more resonant connections between your brand and your customers. When Facebook wanted to elevate the field of information security, we designed and built an engaging Capture the Flag gameplay which became a successful recruiting tool.

Prototyping, user testing and insights

Validate our ideas, and develop insights for long-term growth

We validate our ideas with real users, ensuring our experience  works not only as intended but evolves with your customers and your landscape. Throughout a two-decade relationship with FedEx, we’ve developed numerous prototypes and traveled the world to test them with users.