“The minute that you think you’ve learned enough is the minute you’ve just proven that you haven’t. Getting to further my education in any aspect of life is exciting. Learning things that you’re completely uncomfortable with or unaware of, that are new to you, is exactly why you continue to grow.”

Jonathan Nelson / PR Manager

Don’t let fear fool you.

Our mindset coming into new endeavors is often that of fear: of inexperience, the unknown, failure, disappointment, responsibility. The challenge is to channel that fear into motivation, knowing that you can harness that untamed nervous energy to drive productivity and determination for success.

The Community Rowing Institute boathouse is the first stop for rowers before hitting the water.
Rowing practice doesn’t just happen on the water. Indoor rowing machines, also known as ergometers or “ergs”, help rowers improve time, form, endurance, and rhythm when they can’t practice in the boat.

Make your mistakes matter.

On the water, rowers sometimes catch “crabs”: moments of resistance that occur when the oar blade gets caught in the water, acting as an accidental, abrupt braking system. Sometimes a crab can be minor, and the rower recovers quickly. Other times, crabs can be powerful enough to eject a rower from the boat. Being ready for the unexpected makes all the difference—and learning from past mistakes makes it easier to move on.