It’s no
excuse for junk.

It doesn’t
mean hurried.

It isn’t about
cutting corners.

Brevity. It’s about:

It takes work.

Lots of work.

(Mistakes, too.)

We assess. learn. compile. deduce. understand.

So we can explore.

And create.

We prove ourselves pursuit of the most
concise expression possible.

(You have to build it up in order to tear it down.)

Take it from Pascal:

“I have only made this letter longer
because I have not had
the time to make it shorter.”

Blaise Pascal, The Provincial Letters, 1657

We do this work because it works.

It unites disparate perspectives.

It inspires meaningful conversations.

The moral of the story?

Brevity isn’t a shortcut.

It’s meaningful.

It packs a punch.

It clarifies.

Case in point: You just read 126 words.

(So far.)

That’s 10x the length of an average tweet.

Did it feel that long?

Brevity has its place.

And we know right where it is.