It's the most
important thing.

And the course of it may well be influenced by graphic design.

Everyone wants a piece of your health.


Because your health isn’t just the most important thing to you...

Or your mom.

Because your health affects the people — and companies — around you. And sometimes, your health really is wealth.

Companies spent big $$$ selling health in 2018.

And that’s just the beginning.
Health and wellness have become big themes for plenty of brands outside the industry, too — from clothing companies to influencers.
+ With so much to gain, big business is getting in the business of your health.
+They have solutions for you and real marketing firepower behind them.
They also have access to extensive data on you. So they can create health profiles that cater to your current behavior, and even predict future health needs based on your lifestyle.
Sometimes, those businesses use design to change how you think about yourself.
Design can affect how you feel.
It gives permission, promises happiness, or suggests a quick solution.
It can encourage a little bit of fun and a chance to blow off some steam.
Or it can steer people in the opposite direction with messages of mindfulness, discipline, and strength.
Design can even change the behavior of entire cities.

Copenhagen refashioned its streets with design principles, rather than engineering.

They built a bike culture to encourage people to move.

And over time, it led to healthier residents. Sometimes, the effects of design are felt more immediately. They can even be a matter of life and death.

+Design can be a warning so you don’t get squashed.

+It can raise awareness.

And if design
gets it wrong,
it can lead to disaster.

Design has more influence on our health than we give it credit for. Some might argue as much as your doctor.

If you’re the very picture of health, design has probably had something to do with it.

Be healthy.
Follow good design.
To your health.