Be Driven.

Imagine making the choice to never drive again

How’s that make you feel?

Stressed? Relieved?

Maybe you’re thinking:

“I’m about to jump in my car and haul ass away from this whole idea.”

But, let’s explore the decision:

Reasons to Drive: A sense of pride. Alone time. Freedom of mobility.

Reasons to Be Driven: Disdain for traffic. Lower monthly expenses. No more car dealerships or auto body shops. Never having to shovel a car out of snow. Never having to find parking.

Concern for the planet?

Hopefully, but let’s leave that, in case the environment pisses you off.

Let’s avoid some cars.

To do that you could use (don, don, don) Public Transportation!

Buses and trains will be a key part of future mobility solutions, especially as populations increase.

And there are some mind-blowing ideas in the works.

There is, however, a crucial detail you can’t ignore: where you live.

Public transit and driver-free mobility are easier in big cities.

In walkable neighborhoods. In Europe.

To give up driving in Atlanta or Cedar Rapids would be a lot tougher than in New York or Amsterdam.

Yes. We’ll need some cars. Plus you love that alone time.

What if your time spent commuting could be put to better uses?

Made more fun, by giving up the wheel?

Indigo in Cambridge, MA has developed…

an in-wheel motor with active suspension that replaces traditional transaxle powertrains and creates more design flexibility for interior layouts.

Making it possible to work, sleep, or play while you commute.

But that still leaves a bunch of single-owner cars, traffic, and parking, right?

What if your car didn’t sit idle once you arrived at work? Picture a future where your car drops you off in the morning and then drives for Lyft or Uber all day, maybe earning you a second income. But definitely enabling others to give up their cars.

Ride-share technology has already made it easier to call rides near you.

If cars stay active with multiple trips, we'd need fewer on the road. Imagine less cars, and 90% of them moving all day, not clogging spaces parked.

How might we repurpose parking lots?

source: @chuttersnap

Alright, hippies, that one is for you.

If we rethink why and how we move, we actually don’t give up that much by choosing to be driven.

As long as the future of transportation still includes multiple ways to move, we can provide freedom of movement, quiet time and access to affordable rides for everyone.

For sure, the move from driving to being driven will require a huge cultural shift.

And reversing about a century of marketing that inspired American’s everywhere to choose their own vehicle, over sharing.

Normally, a cultural shift this significant would take generations.

But the clock is ticking.

Take a close look at your lifestyle and how you get from place to place.

Identify what you would be willing to give up. And what we all might get back.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

― George Bernard Shaw